What better gift to give, than a memory no longer lost in time.

      Restoring old photos for people gives me a challenge & a since of accomplishment. Seeing the smiles of the clients face & sometimes tears, when they see something that was old & cracked; to looking like new again, is very rewarding. 
What led me to become interested in Photo Restoration?
      I grew up on a farm in SE Kansas, and later graduated from KSTC, now known as ESU.  I have stayed in the Emporia, KS area.  After my retirement in 2009,
I was looking for a hobby to do in the winter time, I started scrap booking.  I wanted our family photos to look better.  I began learning from YouTube for restoring old photographs.  Then later, I enrolled in online classes and have continued to do so. 

   My work-  
  -- I repair photographs with all sorts of damage.   
  -- I can usually improve newspaper clippings and documents. 
  -- Take photos of slides and negatives; and change them into prints.  Slides can also deteriorate over time.  
  -- I use a scanner for photos that are 8.5  X 11 or smaller. For larger photos and for bubble glass, I use my camera.
  -- All repair work is accomplished through computer software.
  -- Mostly I help individuals who have only a few photos to repair. And several times, I have scanned photo albums, put them on flash drives for family members to share. 
  -- I have helped a person make a family history book. By using photos and stories from her and other family members, we put 500+ photos into her book.  The beginning idea of 15 pages, turned into 170 pages! 
  -- In the summer of 2020, I started volunteering at the Lyon County History Center, where they have many pictures & negatives.  The History Center gives me new challenges to learn from. 
  --I am member of the Emporia Camera Club.
Other photo projects-
  -- Slide shows for class reunions, and birthdays parties, etc.
  -- Collages for Anniversary, Christmas gifts, and sometimes funerals.  

  Contact Me
If you are wanting some help with photos,  please contact me by using the
 form below, or my email is  aprbyaudra@gmail.com
Thank you!
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