This 16 x20 photo was found in a barn. After restoration, 
was printed a on 11 x 14 canvas.

I scanned this photo 20 years ago. Photo programs have improved a 
lot over the past few years, that I was finally able to repair it. 
Photos with a water mark are usually client photos.
Clients can make different request. Repair damage, but keep the same color. Add frames. Enlarge or Reduce.  Turn an oval into a full frame- so the photo fills the corners.  Add names below the photo. Sometimes  remove people or items,  like in the photo below.
The photo above  was an old negative, changed to positive. the outside people removed, photo straightened,  window removed and added more porch and door.
Old negatives come in many sizes, so I photograph them with the negative resting on a light pad.  The negative is converted to a positive, damage is removed and a hint of clouds is added to the empty sky.  Adding a few clouds or sepia color tint is always optional.
 Old negatives are usually Black and White.          I can also do color negatives.
Most scanners are set at 72 DPI.  For the best repair, try to set scanner at  600 DPI and in color. 
 For small photos to be enlarged - scan at a higher DPI.  
Scanning in color makes restoration easier. If scanned in B-W- some repairs can not be made.
A client let me show her parents Marriage Certificate.
I covered their names.  The size is 12" x 18".   Lots of repair & took 5 hours.
I can scan slides.
The next 4 pictures came from a Client, to show how slides age. These slides were her father's and possibly 40-50 years old.  Of all her photos, the 3 people on the couch shows the most damaged.     I was to scan, repair, & crop photos to 2"x3" for her scrap books.   Have photos printed at her local drug store to be picked up. 

My great aunt in the service. I removed the bear & other lady.

My father-in-law during WW2. 

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